Long before there was EMDR there was danceā€¦

Dancing Mindfulness is a mindful movement practice that can be adapted in many ways

The benefits of mindfulness, dance and community are being recognized as some of the best ways for us to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. It seems likely that in combining them the benefits can be multiplied. Long before there was EMDR there was dance, involving bilateral movement and embodied present moment awareness, several of the elements believed to make EMDR so effective. Dancing Mindfulness, developed by Dr Jamie Marich, is the ultimate “come as you are” dance experience. It is based on conscious dance which can be defined as unchoreographed, intentionally nonevaluative mindful movement commonly practiced in a group setting for purposes of authentic self-expression, self-discovery, interpersonal connectedness, and personal healing or growth.

There is an emphasis on creating a “safe as possible” group space. Mindful awareness is brought to the internal as well as external environment. Attention is brought to the experience of both stillness and moving in the shared space.

There are seven attitudes of mindfulness: Non-judging, Non-striving, Beginners Mind, Acceptance, Trust, Patience and Letting Go.

In addition there are seven elements which are Breath, Sound, Mind, Body, Spirit, Story and Integration.

There is no choreography, no talent or previous dance experience needed. There is an invitation to move freely to a play list that begins with slowly warming up, includes a variety of genres, and ends with music to slow down and return to a calm, alert state.

I am not currently offering Dancing Mindfulness community classes. I am excited to be in the process of developing therapeutic groups that incorporate the principles of Dancing Mindfulness along with a variety of other sources of inspiration.